A little bit about myself


As a first time blogger i’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to be doing but it seemed like the obvious thing to introduce myself first, talk about my interests in film, my experiences so far in the industry and go from there.

So my name is Luke and I’m originally from London but grew up in Norfolk where literally nothing ever happens, its very flat and there are lots of cows. It does have a lot of amazing beaches though. So growing up there was nothing much to do except go outside and explore and thats exactly what I did, explore. Exploring to this day is my absolute favourite thing to do. Whether its a little quirky antiques shop thats suddenly become trendy because of where in London it is or beautiful landscapes in distant lands if I can see and experience something new I go head first into it.

How did I get into Film and TV. Well the simple answer is I liked it and couldn’t think of anything worse than working a 9-5 job that would be the same everyday. The industries creativity and unpredictability really appealed to me. The long story is a lot more personal to me and involves the death of my uncle to cancer. My uncle unfortunately past away a few years ago after being diagnosed with an untreatable brain tumour. The reason he was so important to my progression into film and tv starts when I was really young. From the moment I was born I actually desperately wanted to be a vet, my granddad was one and I had grown up at his surgery looking after all the ill animals. It was a kids dream being surrounded by fluffy animals and it seemed like the obvious progression. Unfortunately one day my Granddad decided to let me sit in on a surgery on a dog and I discovered I’m not as keen on the insides of a Yorkshire terrier as I am of the outside and that sort of killed that dream. This is where my uncle comes in.


I’d always known my uncle liked to do photography in his spare time but it had never really meant more to me than that until one day he brought some of his old camera’s around and showed me them. I was hooked I spent the whole weekend taking pictures on his amazing Leica IIIF 35mm camera. The idea of capturing a moment of time and it existing forever blew my tiny little mind and when I was introduced to video I knew this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to tell stories through video and photography.

So skipping forward 10 years and i’ve been through college and almost finished university doing film related subjects and started on my career. So what have I done so far?

Well I’ve been lucky enough to have had a cousin who was kind enough to marry a producer at Elstree studio’s which has meant i’ve had the opportunity to intern at there production company and be introduced to people i’ve gone on to work with.

I’d always known I wanted to work my freelance than being at one place because it gave me more space to experiment with different work and projects and like I said earlier gave more of an opportunity for travel.

After meeting a guy who was doing well freelancing who I now live with i’ve started to do some really interesting work with different companies and charities. I have been able to work for the likes of Jeep, Go Pro and Microsoft.

Through this blog I will detail my experiences with different companies, how production companies i’ve worked with run, my advice for those who want to pursue this line of work and my plans for the future.


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