Selling yourself on social media


Social media is huge, its very rare these days to find a person who does have some form of social media whether it better Twitter and facebook, instagram, snapchat and a wide selection of other small apps and sites built to connect people. For me until prety recently I wasn’t a fan, I don’t have Twitter, I used facebook to chat to people and I had snapchat and instagram but didn’t really use them, they didn’t appeal to me and I kind of didn’t see the point of them. However one day that changed and I got some fantastic advice. Working on a job in Scotland filming my friend Sophie she gave me some fantastic advice.

That advice was pretty simple use them they will help you a huge amount. Sophie is a social media master so I expected her to be a fan but her advice was actually invaluable.

A few years ago Sophie left her job to pursue her dreams of being an endurance athlete and inspirational speaker and has done amazingly achieving some huge physical challenges as well as having her own TED talk. During this time she has amassed a huge social media following especially on Instagram. When working with her about a year ago she said to me the amazing line “I have got most of my sponsors and jobs thanks to Instagram”. To me that sounded like an absolutely ludicrous statement to make, a hugely successful person who is sponsored by Adidas, Jeep, Gopro and a plethora of clothing brands thanks an app you put holiday pictures on for getting her work thats crazy. Sophie explained to me it is all about selling yourself and with instagram having the second highest monthly users (500 million) its a great way to do that. Instagram is a visual medium, you display pictures and videos on it and when you work in a visual industry why wouldn’t you want to display your work to a potential 500 million people a month.

I was so shocked why wasn’t I selling myself like this, it was so simple, just put a few hashtags people in your industry would search for like the name of your camera etc and you should hopefully get a few likes and the odd interested people and thats pretty much what happened. I think to date i’ve been offered three jobs from people who have liked my instagram and through people who have contacted me and given me contacts probably another two. So my advice to people is sell yourself on social media as much as you can Instagram is a great one, so is creating a page on facebook and of course things like linkedin. You have absolutely nothing to lose except 5 minutes of your day setting up an account and adding your work on it, you never known who could see it.

If you’re interested here is a link to a film I made with Sophie last year and you can see her blog from here too.


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