Work with the Bike Channel and my first TV credit

In September I was lucky enough to work on a really fun shoot with the bike channel covering a 24 hour cycling event. Two days of teams cycling around the brands hatch racing track, with famous cyclists like Jason Kenny taking part in it. The whole event was really cool, the people were lovely the crew were a dream to work with and best of all I got strapped into the boot of a Maserati sports car and driven around the circuit getting footage on the DJI Ronin Gimbal. The whole day was amazing especially getting to interview 7 time Olympic gold winning cyclist Jason Kenny who I can confirm is a lovely guy who loves cajun chicken.

The Bike channel as you may have guessed is a channel completely committed to cycling and is the only channel in the UK of its kind. Founded in Italy by Sky Italia the bike channel was a big hit and brought to the UK late 2015. At the beginning it only broadcasted translated shows from its Italian sister channel before it slowly began adding its own content of live cycling events, like the tour of Britain, time trials and endurance events. As well as its own competition shows, documentaries and interviews with cyclists, coaches and other influential people in the cycling industry.

The bike channel is in a very unique place in the industry. Being a fairly niche channel its content is limited however being owned by Sky means it is pretty well funded. My experience with the company was interesting because for a subsidiary of sky I was expecting a highly experienced on the ball crew who would have schedules, a specific brief they wanted to hit and a vast knowledge of the industry and production. Although all great guys they were clearly pretty inexperienced. The producer had originally been employed do to marketing and social media and there main presenter was just a cycling friend of his who was a top guy but had the memory of a fish when it came to remembering what he was supposed to say to camera.


I spoke to them both about the company and how it functioned and it was actually really interesting. Since its arrival in the country a year ago Sky and the heads of the channel had been very focused on getting its own content out as quickly as humanly possible but simply hadn’t employed enough people. The producer on this shoot had started in social media but because they’d committed to going to so many events and making so much content there simply wasn’t the man power. That lack of man power is sort of how I got the job. They normally employ freelance camera men for there event shooting but have there own editing team that all the rushes normally gets sent to but they were totally snowed under so were asking the freelancers they employed to edit the events they worked on too.

Editing a half an hour show was a really interesting to get into. Having a week to produce it took a lot of coffee and realising I need to improve my editing skills but gave me an insane respect for those who do much longer things in half the time.

This was also my first official TV credit and that was amazing. Being sat at your girlfriends house with her cycling obsessed dad watching a cycling programme you filmed and edited has to be massive brownie points for me.


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