My day at Microsoft

So about 3 weeks ago my friend Tom said to me “Luke fancy working with Microsoft next week”. What a stupid question of course I wanted to work with Microsoft! Unfortunately Bill gates wasn’t there but it was a fun day. As you’d expect Microsoft Uk headquarter is pretty cool, its not quite the hipster paradise tech company offices seem to look in film and tv but it wasn’t far off it.

The shoot itself was quite a simple one but still fun. Our friend Sophie was working in collaboration with global give n go a fund raising event for Microsoft employees. Sophie was brought in to take some employees on a 5km to promote good health and raise money. The shoot involved just documenting the event and speeches and then following Sophie and the employee’s on there run (luckily in a car) and how they felt the fundraising was going and how they felt afterwards.

Working with a company like Microsoft is a little bit surreal but an amazing opportunity and more than anything looks great on the CV. Names matter and if you ever get the chance however small it is to work for a big name i’d always say take it because if someone see’s it on your CV it can give you the opportunity of a job.


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