People who inspire me

When I first started this blog I talked about my Grandad and my uncle and how that poor terriers insides convinced me being a vet wasn’t for me and that my uncle and his photography inspired me to pursue a career in videography.

Since then though there have been a lot of people who have inspired me, guided me and people who’s careers I have followed with great interest.

The first person I want to mention who has inspired me in my work is someone probably every aspiring cinematographer in the world would say is an inspiration of some kind and thats Roger Deakins. Completely by accident I became a huge fan of his as a teenager. One of my favourite films was 1984 and I was a big fan of things like Shawshank redemption, Jarhead and Skyfall all films DOP’d on. Last year when doing research on him for a piece of coursework at university I realised something even more surprising he started his career in Documentary filmmaking and thats when I became an even bigger fan. Wanting to be a documentary filmmaker who loves showing real humanity and something visually attractive and real it fascinated me that arguably one of the greatest cinematographers ever had started in the same place and I began to watch some of his old documentaries.screen-shot-2016-04-14-at-19-21-17

Other cinematographers I quickly want to mention that I think are great are Christopher Doyle who is a prolific DOP in Asian cinema who does some of the most beautiful cinematography i’ve ever seen and has also done some amazing documentaries and lastly Philip Bloom.

Philip Bloom is arguably more famous for his blog and youtube video’s than he is his work but the show wonderlist he dop’d on is probably my dream job and definitely something people should watch. I’d also like to mention Philip Bloom for his youtube. He was one of the first filmy youtubes I started watching and his tutorials and reviews have taught me an incredible amount.

When it comes to film youtubers though, I can’t carry on without mentioning film riot. Film riot for people who don’t know it is probably the greatest channel on youtube for budding filmmakers. The best part of it is how they explain stuff with such humour and simplicity and there tutorials on indie filmmaker hacks on things like how to make a slider and other equipment on the cheap gave me and my friends hours of fun, with drills in our garage making our own for short films when we were younger. It also feels incredibly accessible as the guys on the shows are just two brothers and there friends trying to make it in the film industry and you can completely relate to everything they do and talk about.thumbnail_fullsizerender-1

The next person I want to talk about is someone i’ve mentioned a few times in this blog and thats simply my mate Tom. It might seem like a simple thing to do to thank you friends for support etc through your career but it is a lot more than that when it comes to Tom. Firstly Tom is one of my best friends and obviously the support of your friend and house mate is great but if they are in the industry already that builds a different type of relationship. Tom has been in the industry a lot longer than me and has done a lot of really interesting work and about a year ago I was going through quite a difficult time in my life and one day I met him and we instantly got on like a house on fire with similar interests and hobbies and we both wanted to get into the same industry. Tom gave me my first proper professional job and thats a big thing in everyones career and i’m incredibly thankful for that and I credit him with revitalising my passion for getting into film.

The last person I want to mention again sounds incredibly soppy but its actually my mum. The first thing to say about my mum is that she is on the autistic spectrum and she struggles with a lot of social aspects of life. For half of my life she brought me up on her own with little support and she did an amazing job and I obviously am incredibly grateful of that but its now that i’m older that my mum seems to have more of an impact. Getting into a career like film is really hard and the chances are you will have more failure at the beginning than success. Everyone at some point will want to give up or lose there passion its inevitable. If you have good people around you however it helps, a lot! my mum is one of those good people, she may not be graced with the talents and intelligence of someone who can achieve high success as a doctor or a lawyer or whatever they wish to achieve but she has what is most important in the world an unlimited amount of love and support and that is crucial for anyone when they are pursuing there career. I can be sat at uni, struggling with an essay or tired at the end of a shoot not feeling amazing and having someone there who will blindly support you and tell you how proud they are for you is incredible and shouldn’t be underrated.

Everyone has people who inspire them in the world and its important to look and appreciate other peoples achievements and aspire to follow in there foot steps but crucially everyone is different and everyones life and story will be different, some people fly through life with no worries at all and other have a bloody hard time of it. My word to everyone whatever career they wish to pursue is to have people who you aspire to be and inspire you and have people around you who can support you when you’re down because at the end of the day someone who puts there own life aside for a second to support you is far more inspirational than anyone. This works the other way as well. There will always be people in your life that need support and love and if you can even do the tiniest thing to support them you can become someone that inspires them and thats a beautiful thing.


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