When you mess up on shoot

Sometimes on shoot you mess up, a lot of the time it is something small but sometimes you mess up big. Everyday people make mistakes its human nature and how you react to these mistake helps shape you as a person.

Last week I was working on an amazing shoot, I got hired to work for Barbarian FC doing the social media and match coverage for there game against South Africa. As someone who used to play rugby for his county before destroying his anterior cruciate ligament and a massive rugby fan in general it was a dream job for me, I was insanely excited, I was going to share a room with some absolute rugby royalty and I was very excited.

Arriving at wembley with the teams and getting to explore the depths of the stadium very few people get to see was very exciting. My main job was to shoot footage pre-match, half time and post match and quickly edit those for the barbarians to then release of there Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and official site. It was an intense shoot, you didn’t really get a second to breathe and by a very long way is the hardest shoot i’ve ever worked on. When under a lot of pressure people can make mistakes and unfortunately thats what I did, when doing some half time interviews in the rush some of my footage was a bit out of focus and it just wasn’t great. That is obviously an issue, you can save a lot of things in post, things being out of focus absolutely isn’t one of those.

It was a bit of a nightmare but like I said earlier its not the mistake that matters it is how you deal with those mistakes that helps you grow as a film maker and a person. There wasn’t a lot I could do with the out of focus interviews but luckily not all of it was out of focus so I had to improvise, I spoke to my producer and explained my cock up and suggested I made a snappy edit of people just saying how much they were enjoying the game instead of a long interview of them saying it in more detail and it just about worked.

It wasn’t ideal but I was able to make the best out of a bad situation and used my initiative to solve a problem. My advice to anyone who makes a mistake on shoot is to apologise, clear your mind and just calmly think of a solution the worst thing to do is to worry to much and overthink it and remember everyone makes mistakes its how you deal with them that matters.




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