Working on a feature film

I’ve always been a bit of a film buff, if I wasn’t outside as a kid I was watching a film and once I knew I wanted to be in film I had always wanted to get into feature films and make huge blockbusters, thats changed a bit now but a passion for them is still there.

In May 2016 I was offered the chance to work on a Norwegian feature film called Fugazi, it wasn’t a huge budget but it seemed like a really cool opportunity and completely different to the corporate and documentary work i’d already been doing. It was also as a producer something i’d always thought i’d never do. I can barely organise getting up in the morning how would I be able to organise a film. I decided to try anyway and i’m very glad I did.

Fugazi was a bit of a fly on the wall film and involved a lot of handheld camera work which for me was good because working on mainly corporate and documentary films it meant it wasn’t quite as big a jump. It also meant there was a much smaller crew. In total we had myself, the director, camera, sound and a runner. It was very similar to a lot of work i’d done before and was a really interesting way of working.

Being a pretty small crew was useful for myself and the cast was a similar size. There were only 6 characters and meant it wasn’t to hard to organise where they needed to be, paying them and there costume. What did prove more difficult however was communication. As I said the film was Norwegian and was set between London and Norway and with the Director being in Norway for the majority of the time meant a lot of Skype calls and emails and meant I had to organise travel to and from Norway.

The shoot went really well and was a interesting change to my normal work and something i’d like to do again. Although I definitely see my future in documentary, working on a feature film was a really cool experience and a great opportunity.



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