Packing for a job

Such a huge thing about freelance work is your equipment. I’ve talked briefly about equipment in the past and will talk more about my equipment in later posts. Being freelance some days you haven’t a clue where you’re going to be going one day to the next and you can some days be walking miles to find your location.

Here are my top tips for packing for your shoots.

  1. Number one and such a huge thing, don’t overpack. There can be an urge to overpack because rightly so you want to be prepared for every eventuality. I’ve worked with so many people who pack everything they have every shoot and just regret it afterwards when they are on the tube after a long day with to much to carry. Always ask for a detailed brief if you can, that should be able to tell you what you’ll be shooting and you should be able to judge what you’ll need to take from that.

packed to much.jpg

2. Insure yourself. number two is as simple as that, please always insure you equipment,          the last thing you want to do is drop something you could have potentially spent                    thousands of pounds on and have to either pay for a whole new one or the cost                        of repairing it. Always make sure you cover yourself because I have seen it happen                  were something as simple as an elbow can smash some very expensive things.


3. If you can afford it get a pelican case when you’re traveling. Now I might have said pack light when you’re on a job but if that job is a plane journey away absolutely get a pelican case and if you can one that can be used as hand luggage. Surprisingly enough baggage holders don’t care if your new lens cost you £2k they’ll chuck your bag in that plane just as hard so its always a good extra insurance to get a pelican case. I also find it helpful to store my gear in at home because a backpack can easily be kicked or stood on, as can a pelican case but you’ll absolutely do more damage to your foot than anything inside.



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