My future plans

Looking into the future is always a scary prospect but something I’ve been looking into a lot recently.

I’ve always known while I was uni and probably for a year or so afterwards I wanted to keep it freelance, this gives me scope to travel a bit and enjoy my craft.

Recently I’ve been looking a little further than that into my medium and long term future. Something i’ve always liked the idea of is joining a production company and I have spoken to friends of the family who work at or own production companies and I really intend to pursue that.

My interest in joining a production company is because I’d love to see how all the different departments work together to create a project. Freelancing I’ve been involved slightly coming in a a camera man or editor but i’ve never worked with the same people or an extended period of time on multiple projects.

My dream would be to own my own company and create the films i’ve always wanted to make. Travelling around the world meeting new people, learning about new cultures and being able to show the whole world these cultures. This is probably going to be very long term because I think a big reputation would be needed to be able to create what I wanted and be able to distribute these to the likes of the BBC, Channel 4 or Discovery.

I do like to take each day as it comes but sometimes it is vitally important to think about what you want and put things in place to achieve these. Though my plan may just seem to be a simple 3 step plan I think sitting down and clarifying to yourself what it is your want to achieve can help you massively in the short term and can help you when making decisions and gives you something to aim for.


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