Working at a live music event

Working at a live music event is very different to anything else. Even compared to other live events though not recommended there is scope to miss the odd detail because you can edit around it with other things. Music is very different, Music dictates its own tempo, missing a bit of the song can’t just be edited around. A couple of months ago I worked on my first music event. It involved a number of west end stars doing a cabaret style night in this basement club in soho, it was all very 1930’s and very cool.

Overall it was a bit of a nightmare of a shoot because firstly it was a dark basement with flashing lights. Luckily for me my A7Sii is fantastic in low light so it didn’t effect it to badly but the flashing lights certainly caused a few problems. Sometimes though you just get these sorts of shoots and you have to deal with them.

A thing I struggled with when I started doing freelance work is worrying to much when a problem arises instead of calming thinking of a solution, i’d get myself worked up and my brain would turn to mush. This event is one of those times i’d probably had a bit of a break down but it was great to feel like I am maturing as a person and a filmmaker and that I could calmly think through the problem and fix it.





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