Working with other filmmakers

Filmmakers predominantly is a collaborative job and I love that it is, you’re always going to meet nice, interesting and like minded people. Unfortunately you’re also going to meet arseholes, thats kind of just life though.

Dealing with people you don’t get on with on a shoot is a bit of a nightmare sometimes, sometimes you just want to tell them to politely remove there head from inside themselves but you can’t and really it would be unprofessional to do so.

My advice for working with people you don’t get on with is well just get on with it. It sounds like awful advice but really what else is there to do. Do you go talk to someone higher up and moan, no because firstly that person is going to think it highly unprofessional and this will hurt a few ego’s here but maybe its you who is the problem. The important thing is to stay professional and just get on with you job. I’ve heard stories of people purposely trying to make another person on shoots job harder because they don’t get on. If i had been in charge of them even if the target was annoying i’d always get rid of the person trying to make things difficult because in turn they are making you day difficult and if they are putting personal opinion over a shoot they aren’t someone you want around.

My mantra and its nothing special is honestly to just treat people as you’d like to be treated, smile, ask them about there day, if you’re going to make a cup of coffee because 10 hours of editing your mind is going to explode ask if they want one to, its nothing hard but can make a big difference.





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